My Own Terrorist

by Samsara

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released November 23, 2014

All instruments, voice, composition & production by Guille Abdicacion



all rights reserved


Saṃsāra GA, Spain

sludge/stoner/doom one man band

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Track Name: Locked Up In A Buried Dream
Cease to resist
Cease to exist
Give it up
There's no way out
Waste your effort
Just don't try
Kill your hope
Deny everything
Locked up in a buried dream
Put me down
On my knees
Sacrifice me
Wipe out my will
Drag me to darkness, darkness
Close my eyes
I will sleep away
Locked up in a buried dream

I am going over to see
The other side
Track Name: A(ll) C(ops) A(re) B(astards)
So, you've got a great job
You brain doesn't have to think
No need honestity
All cops are bastards
No, no matter who you are
You sale your soul for coins
You call yourself a hero
All cops are bastards
Track Name: Doppelgänger
Come to the dark side of me
Come into the endless suffering
Kill the light in my eyes
Endless worship to no god


No man's land inside the soul
Inner self underhand war
Face your self, who Am I?
Who Am I? who Am I?

Track Name: Ligeia
My darling
Come back
From the dead
Every night
& day
Waited you
Sad & lonely
High on opium
Night visions

Of raven hair & dark eyes
Lady Rowena

Your corpse
sorrows me
I'm Ligeia
Not Rowena
Come to me
Not a nightmare
I'm Ligeia

Of raven hair & dark eyes
Lady Rowena
Track Name: My Own Terrorist
King of all pain
Queen of all hatred
I live through other being
Be born of nothing
Nothing inside me
It shall destroy it self

Mirror on mirror
Infinite visions
Of all that will not remain
Hard struggle
Me against me

Never beat my will
No one
Never beat my will
My will shall explode in me

I am my own terrorist